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Benny Vintage, Expert Sports Handicapper

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Making money betting on sports is a very difficult proposition.  Bookmakers have some of the sharpest minds and they must be on point each and every day because the entire world wants to exploit any weakness we can find.  Their job is release odds they feel will move the public perception one way or another.  Our job is to have a system in place that will help determine which lines are poorly priced and provide us with an angle.  

A sports betting system can be as simple as taking any college football team listed as a home underdog on a Friday night.  Road favorites can be like kryptonite to some bettors.  The fan atmosphere can play a significant advantage in college sports and when certain schools get the national spotlight all to themselves it can mean bettors cashing tickets on the home underdog.  

An example of a slightly more complex sports betting trigger would be to place a wager on any home college football team that is an underdog hosting a heavy favorite the week before a top ranked, nationally televised game.  This is sometimes referred to as a trap game.  You could have a top ranked team coming off a thrilling, emotional victory.  The top ranked team hits the road to face a big underdog, a game which the top ranked team should easily win.  However, the schedule has them facing another big time program the following week.  A more complex system will trigger this matchup and indicate you should take the home underdog when getting +10 or more points.  This could be a trap game and while the majority of the public likes the heavy favorite, sharps will look ahead and see the numbers favor the home underdog.  

Our sports betting system features simple and complex strategies, such as the above, but this is only the tip of the iceberg.  The framework for our system was created by my father, Teddy Vintage, over 30 years ago.  Considering the advancements in technology and software I have fine tuned it to allow for a much quicker query response.  No more manual research filtering through notes and trends.  

Our system follows live odds of over 30 sportsbooks.  We have triggers set up for steam moves which indicate a sudden influx of money moving in across the sports betting marketplace.  Often times this sudden betting trigger means betting syndicates, organized by sharps, are making their move on a spread, total etc.  Being sharp bettors ourselves, we understand that sometimes the steam moves are simply to get those following such movements to bet their side.  What happens next is that once the sharps have manipulated the public to a number in their favor, they “buy-back” even bigger.  This simply means they wager an even larger amount on the opposite pick leaving the public scratching their heads and holding a losing ticket.  Our system is sophisticated enough to track this movement and understand where the money is coming from and whether or not it's just a false front.  

Betting trends, value ratings, steam moves, key injuries, referees and umpires, home/away, weather conditions, home-away splits and situational splits all play a pivotal role into our pick making decision.  Our system is comprised of data that the squares simply don't have the time to crunch.  I release only picks against the spread and total - spead plays and total plays.  I don't see the value in offering my clients exotic teasers.  You must stick to the bets that give you the best chances of winning on a consistent basis.

Key Features

Real time odds from 30+ sportsbooks

Betting trends from the top 5 sportsbooks

Data-driven plays backed by years of analysis

Injury database and weather outlook and alerts

Betting percentages for spread, total and money line for each team we bet

Line move predictions based on steam moves

30+ years of research, trends and predictions that have made TeddyVintage.com the top choice among smart sports bettors

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Date Sport Game Pick Units Result Value
11/19/2023 NCAAB Florida Intl @ Akron Akron -7.5 (-115) 2
Loss -$230
11/19/2023 NCAAB Wyoming @ Furman Furman -6.5 (-105) 1
Loss -$105
11/18/2023 NCAAB Harvard @ Boston College Boston College -6 (-112) 1
Win +$100
11/18/2023 NCAAB Columbia @ Temple Temple -12.5 (-107) 1
Loss -$107
11/17/2023 NCAAB Sacramento State @ Tulane Tulane -10.5 (-110) 1
Win +$100
11/17/2023 NCAAB Morehead State @ Penn State Penn State -13 (-110) 2
Win +$200
11/17/2023 NCAAB Florida State @ Florida Florida -8.5 (-110) 1
Win +$100
11/17/2023 NCAAB Norfolk State @ Fordham Norfolk State +4.5 (-110) 1
Loss -$110
11/16/2023 NCAAB Dayton @ LSU Dayton -1 (-107) 1
Win +$100
11/16/2023 NCAAB St. John\'s @ North Texas St. John\'s -5.5 (-105) 1
Loss -$105
11/15/2023 NCAAB Rice @ Texas Texas -20.5 (-112) 5
Loss -$560
11/15/2023 NCAAB Utah Valley @ Charlotte Charlotte -6 (-115) 1
Win +$100
11/15/2023 NCAAB Campbell @ Virginia Tech Campbell +21.5 (-112) 1
Win +$100
11/14/2023 NCAAB Long Beach State @ San Diego State Long Beach State +13.5 (-104) 1
Win +$100
11/14/2023 NCAAB Southern Utah @ Utah State Southern Utah +15 (-110) 1
Win +$100
11/14/2023 NCAAB Texas A&M @ SMU Texas A&M -5.5 (-110) 1
Win +$100
11/14/2023 NCAAB Jacksonville State @ West Virginia West Virginia -7.5 (-110) 1
Win +$100
11/14/2023 NCAAB Bowling Green @ Oakland Oakland -2.5 (-113) 1
Win +$100
11/13/2023 NCAAB Villanova @ Pennsylvania Pennsylvania +12 (-110) 1
Win +$100
11/12/2023 NCAAB Davidson @ Clemson Davidson +8 (-111) 1
Win +$100
11/11/2023 NCAAB Omaha @ North Texas Omaha +15 (-115) 1
Win +$100
11/10/2023 NCAAB Wright State @ Colorado State Colorado State -10 (-115) 1
Win +$100
11/10/2023 NCAAB Princeton @ Hofstra Princeton +2 (-108) 1
Win +$100
11/09/2023 NCAAB Northern Kentucky @ Washington Northern Kentucky +15.5 (-108) 1
Win +$100
11/08/2023 NCAAB Florida Atlantic @ Loyola-Chicago Florida Atlantic -6.5 (-110) 1
Win +$100
11/07/2023 NCAAB Fort Wayne @ DePaul Fort Wayne +11.5 (-110) 1
Win +$100
11/07/2023 NCAAB Auburn @ Baylor Baylor +2 (-110) 1
Win +$100
11/06/2023 NCAAB Eastern Washington @ Utah Utah -13.5 (-113) 1
Win +$100
11/06/2023 NCAAB Bradley @ UAB UAB -4.5 (-110) 1
Loss -$110
11/06/2023 NCAAB Towson @ Colorado Colorado -14.5 (-115) 1
Win +$100