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Kris Saint is paying dividends hitting 67% over the last week!
Records Last 7: 6-3 67% Last 30: 48-31 61% View Recent Results

Kris's Picks

Fred Berns is paying dividends hitting +3,190 units over the last week!
* Leader in Overall Picks this week going 19-10, +3190 units.
* Leader in NBA Basketball Picks this week going 7-5, +705 units.
Records Last 7: 19-10 66% Last 30: 106-81 57% View Recent Results

Fred's Picks

David Luang is a money making machine cashing in with +1,820 units!
Records Last 7: 18-10 64% Last 30: 91-55 62% View Recent Results

David's Picks

Peter Trell is on another nice run going +1,855 units over the last week!
* Leader in NHL Hockey Picks this week going 7-0, +2485 units.
* Leader in NCAA Football Picks this week going 1-0, +300 units.
Records Last 7: 23-15 61% Last 30: 117-74 61% View Recent Results

Peter's Picks

James Gunnar is on a strong +850 units winning run and punishing Vegas!
Records Last 7: 17-12 59% Last 30: 94-77 55% View Recent Results

James's Picks

Frank Moone has cooled off going +3,015 units this past week but look for him to rebound.
* Leader in NFL Football Picks this week going 6-1, +1650 units.
* Leader in NCAA Basketball Picks this week going 5-4, +1340 units.
Records Last 7: 18-14 56% Last 30: 94-80 54% View Recent Results

Frank's Picks

Sean Archer Sports Handicapping Service has been mediocre going 13 out of 24 games over the last week.
Records Last 7: 13-11 54% Last 30: 70-44 61% View Recent Results

Sean's Picks

Benny Vintage: Expert Sports Handicapper has cooled off going 18 of 34 games this past week but look for him to rebound.
Records Last 7: 18-16 53% Last 30: 67-69 49% View Recent Results

Benny's Picks

Vincent King has hit a rough patch winning only 14 of 28 games this past week.
Records Last 7: 14-14 50% Last 30: 89-63 59% View Recent Results

Vincent's Picks

George Hampton has hit a rough patch winning only 47% this past week.
Records Last 7: 17-19 47% Last 30: 100-86 54% View Recent Results

George's Picks

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