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Joel Levine, Expert Sports Handicapper

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Why is baseball betting so profitable for sharp sports bettors?  This seems to be a common question asked by my clients and the public in general.  The truth is there are many reasons why MLB provides a great opportunity to those with the right information.  One reason is that MLB is a moneyline sport.  Bettors simply choose which team will win the game, compared to basketball and football where the bulk of money is bet on spreads.  

Another advantage to MLB betting is that even with lower winning percentages you can still be very profitable when betting MLB underdogs. The "52.4% rule" doesn't necessarily apply to MLB with plus money payouts on MLB underdogs and throughout the course of a 162 game season my clients will cash on moneyline, run line and total line predictions. 

I have made a profession out of betting strictly MLB baseball since 2000.  I was previously employed in the private sector and with a company that didn't have an open book policy.  This company served strictly high net worth clients by invitation only.  When I was approached by Vincent King I was intrigued by the opportunities of helping clients from the public sector across the globe.  It's my desire to provide you with the best MLB betting picks throughout the season and prove the ROI is higher than any other sport.  

Joel Levine's Sports Pick Record Summary

Sport Yesterday This Week This Month This Year Overall
All 1-1 (50%) 12-8 (60%) 50-35 (59%) 435-258 (63%) 1889-1331 (59%)
MLB 1-1 (50%) 12-8 (60%) 50-35 (59%) 435-258 (63%) 1889-1331 (59%)