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Why Choose King Sports Picks? It's Just Makes Sense

When you join King Sports Picks you are dealing with a recognized leader and trusted name in the sports handicapping industry for more than 2 decades. There is no major secret to our success. By doing business the right way in and industry with several less than reputable operations we continue to grow and improve our service to our clients. The bottom line is that we are people just like you and our goal is to insure that over a season our clients are happy.  We know how clients stay happy and that is simple- win more than you lose. Simple. 

A Team of Sports Handicapping Experts 

Over the years Vincent King has recruited some of the best minds in the industry. Our team of expert informers has grown from a handful of highly placed friends to one of the best connected insider networks of sports handicappers in the nation. We encourage you to browse the site for an expert sports handicapper or buy credits that can be used on select games and handicappers. When you sign up for a membership from any one of our handicappers we guarantee a winning pick or you get 100% money back -no questions asked.


In our 20+ years in business we've never made one outgoing phone call or solicited a spam campaign to lure clients. Unlike most services out there none of our staff is on commission. We will never try to sell you on 'locks' or 'can't lose games' because we deal in reality not bullshit high pressure sales tactics.  If you purchase a sports prediction and it does not win, we will credit your account back - YOU ONLY PAY FOR WINNERS.


At King Sports Picks we pride ourselves on transparancy and accurate reporting of all handicapper records.  Unlike most sports handicapping websites, all of the KSP handicapper picks are released to the pubic 10 minutes after the start of every game. To view the picks for every handicapper, simply login and view the picks after the start of each game.  This is the purest and most transparent method of conveying the trust of our members. This insures to our member's that all records are validated and allows our member's to follow and monitor all handicapper picks.  

Uncovering the Daily Loose Lines

During the course of any week oddsmakers and sports books have to set lines for every matchup. We simply find a few of their mistakes or find trends that buck the publich trend. We are the best at betting sports online and uur staff spends hours researching the games. As with any solid handicapper, Vincent and most everybody on the site uses statistical fundamentals to cull the intial lines. Some handicappers use custom spreadsheets and/or software for this data cull. Including but not liminted to extrapolated statistics, trends, injury reports, weather reports, emotional factors, and most importantly - exclusive information. This exclusive information comes from a network of personal contacts, which we have developed and maintained for more than two decades. These contacts provide us with information that you won't find anywhere else - information that odds makers, sports books and other sports services simply don't have. This exclusive information by no means guarantees us a win every game, but it does give us and edge over the course of the season.

Win or Go Home is Our Motto at King Sports Picks

We measure success in seasons and decades. We are very proud to be one of the only sports services that have stood that test of time. As a customer of King Sports Picks you will receive expert analysis and another set of professional eyes so that you know you are on the right matchups each and every week. Our courteous staff is easy to work with and you can be assured that there will be no high-pressure sales. Your personal information is held with strict confidence - we NEVER sell, trade or give your name, address or e-mail to anyone else. For those of you who have dealt with us in the past you know that developing a relationship based on integrity, honesty and hard work is never a problem at King Sports Picks. Week after week and season after season we put our member's on more winners than losers, it's that simple.  Join today and experience a new kind of service with KSP professional sports handicappers. 

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