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I've been gambling on sports longer then most of my clients have been alive.  It comes natural to me at this point in my life and it has provided me with tremendous opportunities over the years.  My formula for success is knowing that handicapping is an accumulation of edges and I embrace the challenge every day in order to deliver for my clients.  

The 60's were a rough and tough time in Chicago and while gambling was looked down upon as a vice it was a way for me to earn an education that could not be taught to me in school.  In fact, gambling kept me off of the streets since I was more interested in reading the papers and studying odds and matchup sheets then hanging out on the corner.  

Numbers became my gateway to success and over the course of 40+ years betting sports I have become quite efficient at building a bankroll and maintaining long term profitability.  It wasn't until the last 80's when I decided that my experience, skills, knowledge and expertise can be put to use for the greater good and help the masses.  Now after almost 30 years, King Sports has become my largest venture and avenue to reach clients on continents across the globe.  

Key Piece of Sports Betting Advice

Growing up a Cubs and Bears fan I know how passionate people are about their sports teams.  You must leave that passion at the door because it will cost you money.  One of the most fatal mistakes you can make betting sports is to fall in love with a particular team no matter the circumstances.  

My focus is the find value whether on the underdog or favorite but I will never play favorites just because I am partial to a team.  When you enlist my services my job becomes to provide the right information 57-60+% of the time. Falling within this range will make you a handsome profit at the end of a season and it has been done many times over the course of my career.  

Subscribing to my services will provide you access to all major sports which include MLB, NFL, NCAAF, NBA & NCAAB. My predicitons will be released the night before the game and hopefully provide you with the best opportunity to secure the best line.   

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Date Sport Game Pick Units Result Value
02/17/2020 NCAAB Iowa State @ Kansas Kansas -16 (-115) 2
Win +$200
02/16/2020 NCAAB North Carolina State @ Boston College North Carolina State -4.5 (-110) 2
Loss -$220
02/16/2020 NCAAB Manhattan @ Siena Siena -8 (-110) 3
Win +$300
02/15/2020 NCAAB Wisconsin-Green Bay @ Wisconsin-Milwaukee Wisconsin-Milwaukee -2.5 (-115) 1
Loss -$115
02/15/2020 NCAAB Louisville @ Clemson Clemson +6 (-110) 1
Win +$100
02/15/2020 NCAAB Georgia @ Texas A&M Georgia +1 (-110) 3
Loss -$330
02/15/2020 NCAAB Wisconsin @ Nebraska Wisconsin -6 (-115) 2
Win +$200
02/15/2020 NCAAB Ohio @ Kent State Ohio +8 (-110) 5
Loss -$550
02/15/2020 NCAAB Northwestern @ Penn State Northwestern +13 (-115) 1
Loss -$115
02/15/2020 NCAAB Tulsa @ South Florida South Florida -2 (-115) 3
Loss -$345
02/14/2020 NCAAB Fairfield @ Marist Fairfield +2.5 (-115) 5
Win +$500
02/14/2020 NCAAB Buffalo @ Toledo Buffalo +2.5 (-115) 1
Win +$100
02/13/2020 NCAAB BYU @ Loyola Marymount BYU -12 (-105) 1
Win +$100
02/13/2020 NCAAB Arizona @ California California +9 (-105) 4
Loss -$420
02/13/2020 NCAAB UMKC @ Grand Canyon UMKC +5.5 (-110) 5
Win +$500
02/13/2020 NCAAB Youngstown State @ Detroit Youngstown State +2.5 (-115) 2
Win +$200
02/12/2020 NCAAB Michigan @ Northwestern Michigan -6.5 (-110) 1
Win +$100
02/12/2020 NCAAB Western Illinois @ South Dakota South Dakota -15 (-110) 5
Loss -$550
02/12/2020 NCAAB Furman @ Samford Furman -12 (-105) 1
Win +$100
02/11/2020 NCAAB Michigan State @ Illinois Michigan State -1.5 (-105) 4
Loss -$420
02/11/2020 NCAAB Arkansas @ Tennessee Tennessee -4.5 (-105) 4
Win +$400