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Are you part of the 97% that end up in the red after a season or year of sports betting?  One of the reasons why sportsbooks have the advantage are because most sports bettors are misinformed.  My information will be your most powerful asset and it's what you will use to get out of the red and into the black.

Since 1992 I have made a career on wagering sports and guiding clients towards successful sports betting campaigns. I have 100% confidence in the information I provide to my clients and my documented history proves that I can be a valuable asset to your sports investment portfolio.  

My strategy involves a unique combination of personal analysis, situational analysis, interactive analysis and line movement analysis to evaluate daily odds for MLB, NFL, NCAAF, NBA and NCAAB.  A key component to my long term success is not 10* locks or game of the year hype picks.  It's my understanding of odds and having the ability to dissect the board and limiting my action to games that my system shows a unique advantage over Vegas.  

In 2014 my system gamed 11 straight wins in NFL and closed out the College Football season on a 15-2 run.  Winning streaks of 10+ games have become very common in MLB and basketball and it's what my clients have become accustomed to when subscribing to my picks.  

My message is simple: ebb and flow is part of sports betting but when you have the right information you too can end your year in the black and have a positive cash flow with your investment.  

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Date Sport Game Pick Units Result Value
07/20/2024 MLB Arizona @ Chicago Under 8 (-114) 3
Win +$300
07/20/2024 MLB Chicago @ Kansas City Kansas City -196 2
Win +$200
07/20/2024 MLB San Diego @ Cleveland San Diego -1.5 (+161) 1
Win +$161
07/20/2024 MLB Milwaukee @ Minnesota Milwaukee -101 4
Win +$400
07/20/2024 MLB New York @ Miami Under 8 (-114) 5
Win +$500
07/20/2024 MLB New York @ Miami New York -167 1
Win +$100
07/20/2024 MLB Detroit @ Toronto Detroit +1.5 (-196) 4
Win +$400